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Under the new crown epidemic, the development characteristics of domestic diapers

April 26, 2021

Latest company news about Under the new crown epidemic, the development characteristics of domestic diapers

At the product design level, insight into the characteristics of young parents, discover their pain points and unmet needs, and form a differentiated advantage, which is the strength of domestic diapers.


Multi-layer design, in which the inner layer that touches the baby's skin focuses on softness, dryness, skin-friendly, skin care, and safety, and the weak acid inner surface, vegetable oil ingredients, vitamin E skin care ingredients and other differentiated selling points. The waist and leg circumferences focus on elasticity, fit, breathability, not tightness, and no side leakage. The absorbent core focuses on rapid absorption, lightness, leakage prevention, large absorption capacity, and moisture retention. Differential selling points such as lumps and continuous layers. In addition, there are product design points such as urine display design, Velcro repeat closure, porous ventilation, 3D embossing, adhesion, no fluorescent agent, outer appearance and other product design points.


This year, affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the people's sense of happiness and security has been unprecedentedly improved. In addition, in recent years, China's image in various industries and fields has improved, and the recognition and support of domestic products by Chinese people, especially young people, has increased significantly. High-quality domestic products are promising. We look forward to domestic infant industry products including diaper companies, riding on the train of the motherland’s rapid development, and gaining fruitful results.

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